Ewald Foundation: Established 1928


Ewald Foundation - How to Apply

How to Apply for Scholarships

  1. Download the application by clicking here.

    To receive an application via other means
    please call, write or fax:

    H.T. Ewald Foundation
    15450 E. Jefferson, Suite 180
    Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
    Tel: 313-821-1278
    Fax: 313-821-3299
    Contact Shelagh K. Czuprenski

  2. Complete the application form (no photocopies please) and return it signed along with the following items (all in one package):

    • Three or more letters of recommendation (addressed to the Foundation), one from your principal or assistant, at least one from a teacher or counselor, and one from an adult who has known you for some time.

    • A photograph – small senior photo is fine.

    • An autobiography (typed) of at least 500 words concerning you and your life and aspirations to date. This is important and originality is encouraged.

    • A complete transcript of your high school grades – including S.A.T. or A.C.T. scores. Completed applications should be postmarked or delivered to the Foundation office no later than March 1st of the year you are entering college (early returns appreciated). All materials received become Foundation property and cannot be returned. The signed application gives the Foundation authorization to contact your college, relative to your financial need.

  3. The winners will be notified in mid June and officially announced at the Annual Awards Luncheon (a Saturday in early August). No awards will be made after that date until the following year.
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